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Doug Lofstrom: Photos

Current CD covers

New CD on Origin Classical, featuring the New Philharmonic, Kirk Muspratt, cond. and the original recording of the Plumed Serpent from 1982!
NQ + (x) CD New Quartet with special guests & orchestra. (2007)
The second Trillium CD, The Moody Leprechaun
"One Voice"
Trillium's latest CD, Crossing the Stream
Trillium:  "Over the Waterfall"
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra:  "Soliloquy" featuring excerpts from the Woodcarver's Daughter
CD of Children's songs by Mim Eichmann & DL 2014
2011 CD of early works (70's & 80's) Audio Artifacts
Rear panel of the Audio Artifacts CD
1984 LP "Music..."
Back of the 1984 LP "Music..."
CD of Children's sngs witn Mim Eichmann - 1999
Spontaneous Composition - 1982 LP
Orchestral Demo (designed by Joe Bowlby)
Promotional DVD for the 1989 opera "Two Soldiers."
Rear panel of the Two Soldiers DVD
CD of mainly improvised music by Fantasie2k - 2001