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Doug Lofstrom: Photos

New Quartet

All photos by PR DeAndrea unless otherwise noted.
Doug Lofstrom & the <a href=""><i> New Quartet </i></a>
New Quartet at the Steve Yates Benefit July 27, 2008.
Leandro at the Yates Benefit
Sarah at the Yates Benefit
James at the Yates Benefit
New Quartet & Orchestra 3-29-06
L to R: Mike Levin, James Sanders & Doug Lofstrom
Woodwind wizard Michael Levin 3-29-06
Extraordinary violinist James Sanders
The great Argentinian pianist Leandro Lopez-Varady
Percussionist Sarah Allen 3-29-06
New Quartet and Orchestra 3-29-06 (cellist Steven Houser just told a really bad joke)