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Doug Lofstrom: Links

New Quartet YouTube Site
This is my YouTube page, featuring mostly New Quartet videos. Videos that are longer than what is practical on my website will end up here. Keep checking for new postings.
My group with Mim Eichmann, Ed Hall & Paul Russell. You can hear lots of cuts from our CD "Over the Waterfall" at this site. Celticfolkbluegrassdixielandetc...
Trillium's YouTube site

New videos from Trillium with more on the way!

Doug's Columbia College website
My website in the Portfolio Center at Columbia College. This was put up as part of a class that I teach, as an example for my students (hopefully a good one!). I plan to post a lot of student work here: concert recordings, photos, etc.
Chicago Public Radio
Link to an interview of Doug Lofstrom on the WBEZ program "848" from January of 2004. Lots of New Quartet music and background.
WBEZ - "Hello Beautiful"
Here is the address for my extended interview on WBEZ on May 27, 2007. My conversation with Richard steele is scattered throughout the one-hour program. Look for the segments at the bottom of the page.
Columbia College Music Dept.
Take a look around our rockin' Music Dept. and meet our beautiful music faculty and staff. Here's where I get to hang out with students, colleagues and oh yeah... earn a living! God bless Columbia College!
Emphasis Entertainment
Record label for the New Quartet CD "One Voice" and soon-to-be-released CD "NQ + (x)." Contains links to retail websites where "One Voice" is available.
Sean O'Boyle
This is the website of the Australian composer and conductor Sean O'Boyle. Sean has been a great friend of me and my music, and is responsible for the Australian release of The Woodcarver's Daughter on the CD "Soliloquy." His new site has lots of great performances of his music. Check it out!
Rich Corpolongo
This is my "improv-buddy" Rich Corpolongo's website. Lately we have been playing at various clubs with Rich's ensemble, including Frank Portolese, Dave Williams and myself.
Grant Strombeck's Website
Grant is a Chicago-based percussionist, intrument builder and film-maker. His films are posted on his site and also at What can I say? Visit his site. Grant is unbelievably creative and is obviously following his own path. On it, he arrives in places where he and no one else have ever been.
Lance Brown's website. I play in Lance's group Archtop Brownie with Alpha stewart and Mike Levin (who is also in New Quartet). Watch for our new CD. Lance is prolific songwriter specializing in social satire and humor. He has started making and posting video on YouTube and such. Check out his song "Broken-down Poet." Great!
Natya Dance Theatre
Natya is a traditional Bharatanatyam dance company located in Oakbrook, IL. This spring (2007) I wrote music for their production of Alakshaya - the Invisible Veil.
Alakshaya Photos
A collection of photos from Natya Dance Theatre's recent production of Alakshaya.
Musefx Records
The Musefx Records site, owned by my buddy, Pat Murphy. A few years ago, Pat released "Lo Life, Hi Tech," by 2K, which grew out of the 1970's group Fantasie,which featured Doug with Glenn Charvat and Jim Teister. The 2K incarnation features Pat and reed-man Larry Klimas. One of 2K's tracks also accompanies Musefx's opening video.
Electronic Masks

This is a one-minute excerpt of the 1976 video piece by Barbara Sykes with music by Fantasie (Glenn Charvat, Jim Teister, Tom Warren, DL). It is posted on the EVL webiste at UIC without music credits. Other interesting videos on this YouTube link.